Maybe blog again...

Yeah. Maybe blog again. 
The one thing I am good at is... Yeah. So.. Anyway. 
Recently, whilst being post op, I've noticed the kindness and the fucking cocksuckers of human kind. 
When I got the news I was gonna had parts of my foot taken off in an operation, I phoned my mother and wept. I dropped my crutches, I was scared and in pain. Strangers came up to me, asking to pick up my crutches for me, and I smiled and said I am just upset, but thank you anyway. Very friendly. 
The next week, when the actually operation took place, I hopped out of there on crutches, bleeding foot, fresh from the op. room.. I hop to the exit door and press the door opener with my crutch, and a man comes walking, pushing me aside, an walks through the open door. So when I am half way out, the door closes on me, he saw it but walked away. 

Oh, I moved. I now live with my fiance in our own apartment. It's awesome, but I can't sing as much. I can see him stalking and sneaking when I am singing, but I am still shy. 
Well.. Arrivederci

And here we are..

So here I am... been told off becauseI am not writing enough anymore... well.. SOOOOOHOOOORRY =P 
jeez, women!
Nothing at ALL is new. Well.. okay a little. Uhm.. boyfriend swaps a lot.. and then so does schools. And diets. 
About the diets. If you're here for that purely, fuck off. Right now. Leave the site, bu-bye! 
I write about different diets all the time, and I don't gain or lose weight. And, still happy. Don't know how.. must me all the sugar I eat. 
Anyway, sarcasm away. 
I'm glad people still care about the damn blog.. since I stopped. But you know when you have nothing to actually talk about... and you feel you gotta anyway.. it goes like...

So.. had toast today.. added beans. Was good. Would have been better with cheese. Cheddar... but I was out of cheddar. I had mozzarella but.. didn't wan't that. So I just had that. Oh, and tea. I added sugar. Two sugars actually. Then I walked my dog. He peed 51 times and pooped once.
I have one thing to write about though. It's short, but it's in the making. I have this idea of a Disney star that .. has mental issues. But I have alcohol to consume with friends, so that's for another day... tomorrow!


Cameron e io andato a Alghero. 

Such pretty pics

Sitting here on skype with some dickfaces from Stockholm... typical, that you get to know people who does things like these to you face... 

I was also just told I have Instagram.. Didn't know. Let's check that shit out, I kinda hate it though. I do use Twitter, not often though =P

Stop looking!

I know you pervs are here! Hashtag BAFFO


So... I'm on chatroulette.. talking to Ash from Pokèmon.. pretty cool..


So I've started this 5:2 diet.... THis is the second fasting day for me, the first one was last thursday. I have another blog for the diet shit, ask if interested. Here are some pics though from what I have been eating the last couple of days, trying to be all healthy like the rest of the world every January =P
Arrivederci ♥

Hey, once more

Yea I should probably say something here, since I see there are still a lot of people commenting. 
So, let me tell you about my day. I woke up to a very agitated dog.. So first I dreamt about slowly killing and then I remembered that I paid 15k SEK for him.. so that'd be a waste. 

Then I remembered that it is the day before christmas eve, and I have shit to do. I walked the living alarm clock, gave him a bath and food, has to smell good to Santa, ey!

Then I went to the store, because I forgot to buy xmas presents... So, got that done. 

I got home, cleaned my bathrooms, decorated the tree, made candy....
Yea, ok. Sounded more in my head, but.. apparantly, not that much done after all. Well I did study a bit too. 

Merry Christmas

To SpeedyDK@Bladefist !

Things that pissed me off today

So I have been out a little today to purchase some items for my southers dinner I am making my family today, and I stumbled across some things I really hate. So I thought I'd do what everyone else would do and write a blog post about it. 


1. People (mostly women) who honk their pathetic little horns in their pathetic little cars.

So what happened was that I was at a crossroad and the pedestriants had a green light, so I tagged along on my bike. Then someone stops on the other side of the road, leaving me and a girl with a huge bag with her a little bit on the road still when the cars light turns to green. We're talking like 0.3 sec. So the this fat cunt in the car honks and shakes her head furiously at me like the blood hound she was. I stop, stare back and raise my arms in the most taunting manner I can pull off (which for the record isn't very taunting at all) and I am waiting for her to get out. She turns red and drives around me, almost causing an accidents with another car, and drives off into the sunset. No one has ever seen her since. 

I hate it! HATE IT that people become so cool and angry in the safety of their ugly ass vehicles. COME AT ME ESSE!

2. People who stand still going down in escalators.

It is truly fascinating to me that people have become so lazy that in malls, in the shortest escalator possible, people are just standing there- going DOWN! It's a moving staircase going downhill! And you're still to lazy to walk! The best part is when there is a line for a short elcalator and there is a queue to get on it, even if there are stairs right next to it. 

3. Beggers with an attitude.

Have you ever been in a city and seen those people running around collecting plastic bottles and cans for the recycling? (in Sweden you get money for recycling) They walk around picking them up from the streets, from the parks and check the litter boxes for some loot. They also go up to people sitting on benches with empty bottles. That, I do not mind, he is saving me the effort to find a trash can and throw it out because obviously I am not going to recycle it. If I needed the money that badly I wouldn't have bought the bottled water in the first place but brought my own tap water from home. So, anyway, I don't mind them doing this at all. It's even good for the enivroment.

What I DO mind though, is when they come up to you when you haven't even finished the drink yet and they just give you this stare. Then they just nod at the bottle. They are too rude to ask, smile or even POINT at the fucking bottle. They just nod at it like a fucking chicken. 


So I've realized working out is triggering my migraine. So I will be starting eating meds for that... NOTHING CAN STOP ME.

Random update after .. how long? Eh who cares. My blog , my rulez.

Did you?

You came here because of

Hahaha, loser.


Sitting on the balcony like a pig, eating lobster and drinking wine. Basically just slacking after a sucessful but painful week. My toyboy is coming in a few hours to play with me all weekend. Life is almost good.
Bei out.

Lost 2 kg!

So I lost 2 kg. I have been eating better and working out. 
Now, I'm not gonna go all fucking Guru on your asses. "If I can, everyone can!" or "Nothing is better then the life of health!"
I mean, come on, girls, seriously? It's HELL.
"I've been eating so much better". ... yeah, which feels like I am starving myself.
"I've been working out every day, and boy do I feel fine"... I feel good AFTER the workout, but during... I seriously see my life flashing before my eyes. 
So let's all just stop with the pretentious fucking bullshit that is going on. So you work out, and it's amazzzzing. It isn't THAT amazing ffs. If it was THAT amazing, you wouldn't have gotten FAT in the first place, you idiot.
Bei out.

Casual hating

Getting so annoying with people online. They suck! 
They pick on each other for everything. "Don't post things like this on Facebook, do it MY way, thank you!" as if that person owned Facebook. 

Other use hashtags for every word so people will find their nonsense easier, and then get angry that people are stalking and asking questions. 
If you don't like how others use Facebook, why not just remove them?
Myself, I like hating people. Other people being idiots and stupid is like fuel to me and I have NO doubts that people think half my crap that I post is idiotic aswell. 
Best of all is the typos. Or, typo's =P
I absolutely love it, and I have to shove my fingers in my anus not to correct them. 
That is all I have time for today, farewell.