Happy Birthday Pete!

Peggle Master!

I am a Peggle master! I used to play Peggle alot like.. 2 years ago and forgot how fun it is, and addicitve. =P
Im kicking it!

More work today and I will get paid. Yay!

Also I have to work out. It has started to show, and I dont wanna get fat =P
All them single ladies haz to be puuurrty.

Monday Schmonday

Work tonight, then back home to work more from home. I shall succeeeeeeed!

My desk looks like a warzone atm. I have old seeds from a flower I brought in to study its decomposing process, there is dried gum, 2 cups of coffee, 2 glasses of old water, two water bottles, 4 lighters, salt everywhere with dust to match. Not very sanitary. So, before I do any work here I better clean.. so it wont attract wildlife.. sigh.

My friend/ex is turning 23 in a few days... I could give him the 23 cockroaches that will soon be found around my desk. Really though, gotta find something nice. Like.. sparkling cockroaches. I'm shit with gifts.


Look what I found! I need to find this and steal it!
Also googled "wow nerd".. because I am bored. And I foudn this.
Apparantly this is what you look like if you a woman playing wow =P