Maybe blog again...

Yeah. Maybe blog again. 
The one thing I am good at is... Yeah. So.. Anyway. 
Recently, whilst being post op, I've noticed the kindness and the fucking cocksuckers of human kind. 
When I got the news I was gonna had parts of my foot taken off in an operation, I phoned my mother and wept. I dropped my crutches, I was scared and in pain. Strangers came up to me, asking to pick up my crutches for me, and I smiled and said I am just upset, but thank you anyway. Very friendly. 
The next week, when the actually operation took place, I hopped out of there on crutches, bleeding foot, fresh from the op. room.. I hop to the exit door and press the door opener with my crutch, and a man comes walking, pushing me aside, an walks through the open door. So when I am half way out, the door closes on me, he saw it but walked away. 

Oh, I moved. I now live with my fiance in our own apartment. It's awesome, but I can't sing as much. I can see him stalking and sneaking when I am singing, but I am still shy. 
Well.. Arrivederci