Little update from Northern Plaguelands.

My weekend was nice, even though I've been sick still. 
I spent my friday night on skype with my geeky friends. Drinking (not me, though, meds..) lauging, gaming.. Was really nice. 
Then I spent saturday, sunday and monday at a friends house. We had a Lord of the Rings marathon, extra material included. I was properly pampered for those three days. I love it how people are all nice to you when you're ill. Anyway, had to go home at some point, so I went home yday afternoon. 

Annnnnnd I am still very sick. Fever, coughing my lungs to mush. So I went to my doctor and I got some more medication prescribed and she told me to stay still and just rest. She did say "you should be on bedrest", but come on. Noone actually means that when they say it.. So I ignored that. =P

Oh and I had a long,  very nice conversation with my swedish-teacher. She gave me a C on the whole course, which is really good. I am well happy with that.



Bought myself some being-sick-supplies. Not the healthiest food, but I can't even stand up for long enough to make anything better than this. 


I haz pharmacy

I feel even worse today. I do have my own little pharmacy here though, thanks to the worlds greatest Robin. 
He just randombly dropped by and handed me all this.

He even gave me whisky and icecream!
If this wont make me better, I don't believe anything will. 
I woke up 4 times, coughing my guts out. Then I took some meds at 7 and slept to 11. Poor Chili, didn't get to pee before 11 =/
I think a proper slacking is in order.
That's all for now.
Over and out.


So, had my final exams yesterday. I think it went okay, but I don't really care to be honest. As long as I pass the course so I can do the next one, I am happy. And I am certain I will pass. I got good grades on every assignment and they base the final grade on the whole course, not just the final exam. 
So whatever really =P 

Anywho. I am sick, poor me.. I have to work today.  I emailed the mother of "my" kids and told her that I have the plague and is probably contagious. So it is up to her if she want this *pointing at gross, sick face* around her kids. I really don't think she does, they will get nightmares. It's so bad that I am avoiding mirrors. 
I'm also kinda doped up. Cough syrup is heavy shit. 
Oh haha. I went to my dear friend Alex last night to see Blade Runner for the first time. Such a shame that I just focused on the woman in it, since I was almost certain she was in Celebrity Rehab. And this morning I looked it up, and yes. Sean Young. She was pretty back then, now.. not so much. I'm not one to talk. She stopped being beautiful after years of drug abuse, I stop being beutiful when I have a cold =P
I'm writing so much today because I don't have school anymore, and I'm doped up. But I will stop now. Arrivederci.

Novel Schmovel

I finished my novel!
And I have been praised by those who've read it. It hasn't been looked over yet by my teacher, though, since I handed it in yesterday. But I think it is good.
The negative critisism I have received is that I have mixed in english grammar, but with swedish words, which leads to the sentences looking a bit fucked up. I re-read my work about 5 times and I couldn't spot this at all, but obviously I can't see it. Conclusion; I am retarded.
But other that, it's good. And if people think it's good and even want me to make a book out of it, I am happy. And I like it myself, which in the end, is all that matters. I am writing for me, and not for others. 
..but in this case, for a degree =P
We'll see.
My foot is getting better, I think. It might just be the painkillers being really efficient. My doctor said to come back in a week if the pain is persistent, and then she gave me horse tranquilizers! ..kinda. Now, how I am supposed to know if it's getting any better or if I just can't feel anything because of the strong meds she gave me?!?
She's mad, I tell ya.
Anyway, here's a new picture. 

Sick with happy-pills.

Finally done with everything for my courses, except my novel. 
I'm almost done with that, too. It's supposed to be a funny novel, not too serious. I hope my teacher understand that. I also hope my teacher understand that the novel is written by a girl, mainly for other girls to read. 
I've been in pain all morning, refused to take a painkiller before I had finished my speech. The pills makes you drowsy and I don't want that to effect how I talk. I listened to my own recording and I decided I already sound like a retard, so a painkiller ontop of that .. god help me. 
Very convenient, these distance-courses. For my verbal exams I call my teacher up, for the speech I record myself. Whenever I need help I call them up, or email. It's great. The whole thought behind it is so students can travel, live abroad or work difficult hours and still manage the studies. My plan was to live abroad, but.. Stockholm works, too.
I really miss the love of my life when I travel, just look at this picture. Few seconds after we woke up, both sick, still pretty.

And there is my ouch-foot, too. Might be broken, she said. (not the foot, just a small bone in my heel) But since I have been exposed to more radiation from x-rays the past year than the average man is his entire life,  she didn't want to instantly send me to have one now. Thanks chest for refusing me proper treatment. So, she just filled me up with happy-pills instead. 
That's all for Bei.
Over and Out. 
(here's a nice song for you)

A little update.

So what have I been up to...?
I've been studing, getting myself some nice grades. I've been in Belgium. That was awesome.
I did however hurt my foot pretty badly and I still now, a week later, have issues walking on it properly.
What else?
I've been hanging out with people in this lovely city alot. Pretty awesome, that. Aaaaaaaaaand OH
Yesterday I finished the assignment from hell. 
To read The Secret Garden och then write a reading log about it. In my log I was brutally honest and said that this was by far the worst piece of garbage I have ever read. I also later saw the film, which is better. Not good though, just better. But for something to be better than the book isn't very hard now is it? =P Since it is absolutely crap!
This is Bruges, or.. a small part of it obviously =P
I fell in love with that place. I've wanted to go for ages but never got around to. And I had a great guide, too. A native. Although he isn't smart enough to think of the fact that when you see a pretty church you enter it! 
So we went into some churches and he even got some fresh sightseeing aswell. And we partied like animals. The lovely people of Blankenberge included me in a beer-challenge. I didn't lose, which is all I care about. Needless to say, I didn't win either. =P
I hate it when I get back from places I've been visiting. It hits me every damn time; Sweden is cold!
And the summer is over. I start work soon and a new set of courses await. Fuuuun. -.-