Sick with happy-pills.

Finally done with everything for my courses, except my novel. 
I'm almost done with that, too. It's supposed to be a funny novel, not too serious. I hope my teacher understand that. I also hope my teacher understand that the novel is written by a girl, mainly for other girls to read. 
I've been in pain all morning, refused to take a painkiller before I had finished my speech. The pills makes you drowsy and I don't want that to effect how I talk. I listened to my own recording and I decided I already sound like a retard, so a painkiller ontop of that .. god help me. 
Very convenient, these distance-courses. For my verbal exams I call my teacher up, for the speech I record myself. Whenever I need help I call them up, or email. It's great. The whole thought behind it is so students can travel, live abroad or work difficult hours and still manage the studies. My plan was to live abroad, but.. Stockholm works, too.
I really miss the love of my life when I travel, just look at this picture. Few seconds after we woke up, both sick, still pretty.

And there is my ouch-foot, too. Might be broken, she said. (not the foot, just a small bone in my heel) But since I have been exposed to more radiation from x-rays the past year than the average man is his entire life,  she didn't want to instantly send me to have one now. Thanks chest for refusing me proper treatment. So, she just filled me up with happy-pills instead. 
That's all for Bei.
Over and Out. 
(here's a nice song for you)


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