Update with Pics

Pete's Birthday Today!
Old man.
We went to a beach in Freshfields. Very very nice. Very windy, but beautiful. Some National Park or whatever.. I will be going back there for sure =P

Yesteday's Post that never Happened.

Walked almost 8 km around .. well I was everywhere =P Gotta keep that exercise up!
And foodwise, still on the healthy side. There are always better choices, you jsut have to make them.

I got my celebration after all <3

Having my resting day today. Not been working out, running or anything.
Instead I have been feeling depressed because my whole family are celebrating the swedish eastern, which is nothing compared to the english one. The english one isnt really celebrated at all.
So Jane, the lovely mother of my bartender, came up to me and said:
- So, Ive heard you are a bit homesick and  you want fish, the swedish way. We're going to the store to buy some fish and wine and we are gonna watch Criminal Minds.
The sweet woman made me put on jeans and we had a nice night shopping foods and then drinking some wine infront of the tellie. She even bought the salmon we Swedes eat on eastern. Bless that woman.
After three episodes of Criminal Minds I went to the bar, had a few drink drinks with my darling friend Gabriel and Marisa gave me cheesecake. So the night turned out to be very good.
Me and Gabe a few days ago, having a drink in the sun outside of the bar.
(I look like shit on this picture, but the model Gabe looks good =P)

Friiiday friiiiday

Jog/walk for an hour today, my feet hurts like hell.
Im supposed to go to the bar soon, but my stupid feet.. Gaah!
Also, I am knackered.
I dont really want to do anything right now. I wanna go to bed and watch a film, but I have the bartenders iPhone =P
Also, Pete and I went out for a walk for 2 hours this morning, so.. Im allowed to feel like shit.
Well. Hope you guys are running your asses off and getting painful aftermaths too. Ha!

Run like you mean it.

Ran for 50 minutes.. or.. tried. Had to stop a lot to prevent myself from dying.
Other than that, I did splendid. My boyfriend is the worst person alive to exercise with though.
First of all, he didnt wanna jog, so he went on his bike instead. Second.. after 30 minutes he wanted to stop and eat, at Mc Donalds!
I had a salad, then ran home. Celebrating with a Bow of Strong
.. to end a healthy day =P
Games and Strongbow now, bye.


I am very bad at this at the moment.. =P
I got running shoes from my bartender yesterday and went out for a run arount the lake. Was great and I felt more like myself agian. I can go do something I really enjoy for an hour or two and just.. be.
Sitting in a bar talking to old men is fun at times, but not everyday all the time.
Im in the bar right now, but going home in an hour. Trainers on and out for a run. Looking forward to it.
I wanted to go on the seaside today for a jog but... the water is gone =P
Anyway. Keet it cool nerds.

Still no pictures..

Hola Amigoz.
Nothing new to talk about, agian I forgot my camera at home and Im in the bar again, with the laptop. The only time it comes to mind is when I am here.. So yee, no pictures.
I'll jsut post them all in one big post sometime when I can be arsed.
Oh yea. I've started plotting a masterplan. Getting Elin to Southport for a weekend. But it will be in a few months, since i have to go to Sweden to make some cash in five days. Then back to the UK, hopefully with her.
We'll see wont we.
Fat, yes I am. Sitting here with peanuts drinking beer. Keepin' the weight tho, which is amazing considering what kind of food I am eating here. Not loosing either, but I dont really think I need to right now =P
Healthwise, Im doing alright. Im eating out a lot, which scares most people trying to eat scandinavian, but there are always a better choice everywhere. But we dont ever choose that, why?
People tent to pick the most unhealthy meal the restaurant has to offer for some reason, like it was the last time they would ever eat out. Kinda like children picking an icecream. Always go for the biggest one, jsut in case...?
Or people always eating at airports or even on the plane, even for shorter trips. Just in case you would be trapped in the sky forever! Cause that could happen.
No, there is always the better choice, you just have to find it and choose it over the tempting fat burgers and fries.
Like my beer and fat, salt peanuts.. Not =P


Been kinda AFK here.. personal reasons but I am still alive, still trying to be as healthy as possible, which by the way isnt too easy in England.. when your boyfriend works in a bar.
But I havent put on weight, yet.  =P
I dont even have a picture.. left the camera at home and Im the bar.. Smartz.
What else is new.. Oh yea I got that job if I want it. I think I will take it but I am not sure yet.
Going to continue looking for jobs. I dont really want to live or work in Sweden but since I have my darling doggeh there I can't more here yet. I can when can afford to get him here with me =P
And then I will.
Thats was all for me for now.
How healthy are you atm? Eating icecream in the sun and being fat? =P