Been kinda AFK here.. personal reasons but I am still alive, still trying to be as healthy as possible, which by the way isnt too easy in England.. when your boyfriend works in a bar.
But I havent put on weight, yet.  =P
I dont even have a picture.. left the camera at home and Im the bar.. Smartz.
What else is new.. Oh yea I got that job if I want it. I think I will take it but I am not sure yet.
Going to continue looking for jobs. I dont really want to live or work in Sweden but since I have my darling doggeh there I can't more here yet. I can when can afford to get him here with me =P
And then I will.
Thats was all for me for now.
How healthy are you atm? Eating icecream in the sun and being fat? =P

Postat av: Moldavia

Yeah, I'm eating ice cream in the sun and being fat :P Put on about 0.5 kg...

2011-04-11 @ 00:06:15

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