Past vs Future

I got used to the treadmill, where no matter how fast you run, you are stuck at the starting point... only, excaused. I am the anonymous author of things I don't dare to share. I feel a change coming..


I love twitter! 
I have been a Twitter hater since.. well, a while. But during the outtakes of Eurovision, I read some comedians twitters, and laughed my ass off. Then I just stumbled across the app for Twitter and thought, whattahekk!
So, Im in. @Beimeilang ofc, do follow.
I've had requests for that before.
So, for the small comments about random bullshit, I will use that. And for the proper posts, le blog. Awesome sauce, awesome sauce indeed.

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I hate just sitting and waiting for a new start to begin..
I will
Start my education
Stop hanging out with people who couldn't care less about me
Start blogging more, with pictures
Start trying to work out more, if my health allows me
...and then we should be all set!
I need motivation!!