Breaking Yawn

This is the third night have a hard time sleeping.. Its 5;45 and I am still up..  tried sleeping a few times but. It isnt happening. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
I went to see Breaking Dawn today, and the highlight of the whole experience was the add for Hungergames at the start. The actual movie was.... slow. Its 50 minutes of a fucking wedding and a honeymoon, as if I came a damn?
I wanted to see the action! I have read the books which are in fact really good. Well anyway, in the next film I wouldnt be surprised if Jurstin Bieber is one of the vampires and the theme song is written my Rebecka Black.

I have also collected Swedish christmas shows for kids on my computer, to get some holiday spirit up. And its working!

Diet tips

Go through a break-up, get a condition, spend a week in a hospital, come out and be put through loads of pain and stress, and voila! Done, you are thin again!
When you are healthy, you will look fabolous!
Oh and it has to be done in Sweden or Norway! Wont work anywhere else.


Pain & Preassure

Today isnt a good Bei day. 
Feel  like  poo. But thats how it might be for a while...
Im gonna invite Elin for a crazy, single girls saturday next weekend. Which for us means loads of whine, dogs and comfypants =P
And if not, I guess I have to shake things up, sicko style.. I hate my life right now =P
Anyway. adios!


Dont worry , I am finally home.
I got home yesterday. The final xray got refused by that deperatment because of the radiation that my chest will endure. That can later lead to breat cancer and didnt want to do that to a 21 year old.
So! The sent me home. If it dont go away in a few weeks I have to contact my doctor, and if it gets worse I need to go to the emergancy room asap.
But Ihave never been this happy to be home.

On the 5th day hospitals my true faith came to meee

5th day in the hospital and they still don't know. I think I will be going home today, I really fucking hope so since my mom turns 50 today.
I havent talked to the doctors yet today but I there is a cardiologist (heart doctor) who will come to my room at some point today and talk about what the fuck is wrong with my shit body.
Im a bit bitter and sick of being here.

Update from los Hospitalos

I'll be stuck in here a while.. They suspect its the heart and they will keep me another day or two as minimum. I will know if I get to go home or go to cardio then.
Did a test with a doctor today and my pulse just goes up so high..  Very bad.
Anyway... I'll live.

They finally managed to put me in here...

Been very ill for a while and hospitalized for two days now. Probably I will be able to go home today, I hope so.
I have been in xrays, had heart monitors, more xrays, ultrasounds and ekg's several times a day. I'm still here because they see something is wrong, but they can't find where it is. Just like before..
So probably I will go home til next time.
I got my laptop yesterday, so I have internet, yay.