Facebook vs Brains

Right, I am a bit pissed off.
I hate Facebook, I thought for a long time. But I kinda realized thats its the people I have on Facebook I hate.
Dont take offense, because if you are one of those who read my blog, you are not one of those I am talking about.
They are too busy with themselves to even look at another person.
The people on my Facebook isnt even really real to me, I dont get it.
Updates about how awfull it is that one coffee machine broke down at work so they have to take the other one, is a real update from people on my Facebook.
How amazing EVERYTHING about their shit lives are, all the time. It screams of insecurity and false quotes.
Updates about weather, as soon as it changes a tiny little bit, every damn fucking day. 
But the absolute worst kind of shit people on Facebook are the ones that forces you to join or sign up to protests or think they can change the world by sharing or liking a photo or a page. "PRESS LIKE IF YOU CARE ABOUT THE STARVING KIDS IN AFRICA!!!"
I, instead of liking, asks how in your stupid fucking brains will me liking your sad picture of a naked hungry boy feed him? No, you stupid cunts, those are made for YOU to feel better. Now, after liking this, you  have shown the rest of the shit people on your shit Facebook that you give a shit by liking, and you feel better about yourself. How fucking nice of you, isnt it, to sit in your oversized chairs and like this picture. You didnt help at all, so fuck off.
I follow Lamebook.com. Where are those people?
Where are all the funny people?!
Well, glad I could get that off my chest. If you are one of those pathetic Facebook spammers, I hate you and get the fuck off my blog.

Getting uglier every day

Hurt more every day, and it sure aint looking good.
I got a little motorbike accident. Nothing fancy, I wasnt even on it Someone tilted his Harley Davodson and my leg broke the fall.
The most stupid mc-accident in the world, by Bei Meilang.