Im not moving to England, after all.
I can't  get my dog over, so.. I have to stay in Sweden.
So, page 1. New life. Starting on monday.. Today.. Im gonna eat, watch sad tv and sob =P

Dinner a la Stepdad.

Dinner tonight. Absolutely amazingly cooked by my stepdad.
Thats about it from me today.

Its friiiday friiiday

Didnt do much else than eat last nght, it feels like.
I had pasta, a lot of it too! 
Then I went for a smaller run, 3km and then I set of situps..
Anywway. Today is a CRAP day anyway. I didnt sleep, like, at all. My head is about to explode and... Im just not in a good mood. So I'm gonna have a pint of coffee, some painkiller and watch Marathon Man (Eddie Iz Running).
Good day.

My pasta from yesterday:

Health vs Superskinny

Hi slackers.
Not to make  you feel like shit, but I had a powerwalk today. Oh yes. 15 km.
Didnt feel like an exercize though. I did walk very fast, but I wanted to jog at times. But since I choose the route around the city, I couldnt. Sunny day in Stockholm and people fucking everywhere. I should have chosen the path in the park instead. But, I did move this fat ass of mine, so.. who can complain really.

And, don't get the idea of me as a health-freak. When I got back to mothers apartment, she was home. I had beer and cheese as a snack at home, then we went out to a chinese restaruant. I just had a small soup, but more beer.

So, I eat. I don't want you guys to think that I am trying to look like the former Nicole Richie.

Morning People

Not that it is morning anymore, but I am fat and lazy and haven't been arsed doing much else than eat and play with my dog. Im going to write later, but I need more in my head before I can start. Gonna go for a long walk and think about it. I made a healthy lunch though.
Eggfried veggies with schrooms =P

Good start

4km jogging, one set of situps & pushups. Felt fucking unfit today though..
Like a fat lobster. I didnt sleep very well though since my tiny little devildog woke me up at 8.30. Not cool.
Well, I made lunch.
Vegetables, herring and some cheese to top it with.


First of all, I had bacon. And after that, I hade wine.
My mom just went: Are you having wine, on a monday..?
But yea, Pete and I always have our weekends on mondays and tuesdays because of his job, so then she was like "Hm.. makes sense, have fun." haha
And yea, zero exercize.
So, today. Its back to diet, back to exercize. Can't slack now I'm finally making som progress, can I!?
NO! =P


Hi guys.
Working out is working out, for me.
Yesterday I jogged for 4km and then did a set of situps and pushups. 
I don't know how much you can see the change, but I can definately feel it.
I woke up with a death wish today. Sort of =P
I was so tired, and am still. I've had 2 cups of coffee and eggs for breakfast, hoping to restore some energy so that I can go for a run later. I rarely have the energy to exercize til after noon anyway.
Gonna make a wok later with mushrooms and eggs =D


I did 300 situps yesterday to compensate for not powerwalking at all. And I can definately feel it in my stomach today.
I had a chinese wok yesterday, containing only vegetables and some weird chinese mushroom, was awesome, but I didnt take a photo.. The box it came was would give people a DErection.
And for breakfast today, coffee and broccoli, because I have absolutely nothing at home to eat =P


What a workout! Whoo!
9 km, 1 hour in the sun. I am sweaty!
Gonna kick back and do fuckall now. Some wow'ing and then sleep.
Did yu do anything usefull today?

Monday in Sweden

yea Im in Sweden-land again. And ehm.. Yea. It sucks. Its not home here anymore.
I am going to put some shit up on the walls here so that it feels a bit more roomy here.
Other than that I have descided that today is the day I stop smoking, stop eating crap, stop putting salt on everything and start exercising. Amen, sister.
And also, I am doing to start writing again, need to do that.
Aaaand I will be updating more, I hope. I want to but will I? HELL YEAZ!

So I came back the night to saturday, and on saturday afternoon I had a glas of wine with the mother and the stepdather on the docks, and then went to my sister for a drink and some chat. I spent the night and the day after (yesterday) we had a luxery picknick by the canal. Really cozypozy.