Health vs Superskinny

Hi slackers.
Not to make  you feel like shit, but I had a powerwalk today. Oh yes. 15 km.
Didnt feel like an exercize though. I did walk very fast, but I wanted to jog at times. But since I choose the route around the city, I couldnt. Sunny day in Stockholm and people fucking everywhere. I should have chosen the path in the park instead. But, I did move this fat ass of mine, so.. who can complain really.

And, don't get the idea of me as a health-freak. When I got back to mothers apartment, she was home. I had beer and cheese as a snack at home, then we went out to a chinese restaruant. I just had a small soup, but more beer.

So, I eat. I don't want you guys to think that I am trying to look like the former Nicole Richie.


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