And here we are..

So here I am... been told off becauseI am not writing enough anymore... well.. SOOOOOHOOOORRY =P 
jeez, women!
Nothing at ALL is new. Well.. okay a little. Uhm.. boyfriend swaps a lot.. and then so does schools. And diets. 
About the diets. If you're here for that purely, fuck off. Right now. Leave the site, bu-bye! 
I write about different diets all the time, and I don't gain or lose weight. And, still happy. Don't know how.. must me all the sugar I eat. 
Anyway, sarcasm away. 
I'm glad people still care about the damn blog.. since I stopped. But you know when you have nothing to actually talk about... and you feel you gotta anyway.. it goes like...

So.. had toast today.. added beans. Was good. Would have been better with cheese. Cheddar... but I was out of cheddar. I had mozzarella but.. didn't wan't that. So I just had that. Oh, and tea. I added sugar. Two sugars actually. Then I walked my dog. He peed 51 times and pooped once.
I have one thing to write about though. It's short, but it's in the making. I have this idea of a Disney star that .. has mental issues. But I have alcohol to consume with friends, so that's for another day... tomorrow!