Studying alot..

I've been up studying since 7.30 and is having a little break now.
Watching 7th Heaven.. this show is unreal. Does anyone believe that some families are this nice and perfect? The absolute worst thing that ever happened is that the oldest son tried pot, once. If I was the oldest of 7 siblings, and my religious parents made me take care of them and act therapist to their every tiny little teenage issues, I wouldn't only smoke pot. I would be on all kinds of drugs I could find.

But I am guessing this is why people like this show. Its like eating comfort food when you have a shit day, or having a warm bath when you are cold. Its soothing. You get sucked into their warm, safe enviroment and sit and stare at the tv with big, wide-opened eyes like a fly on a bug zapper.
Or like Dori and Marlin on that light fish in Finding Demo..
And now I will be cleaning and then going out to the woods, to my dad, for a beer or two. It IS summer still after all.

Touché 9gag

Saw this and started laughing my ass off. So this is me. My wolf is... a bit smaller than the others, but still dangerous =P

I love Stockholm

Single ladies day today with my lovely cousin. We're gonna drink some bubbly out in one of the many parks in our lovely Stockholm and then probably go out. Seeee-weeeeet. Been a LONG time since I've been out like that. So Im excited!
I bought new jeans online.. they are tiny. Smallest size i've ever seen, tbh. 24/30 - for gnomes. Fits me perfectly if I stand up, hold my breath and dont drink or eat anything.
I know, I have to clean my mirror 0.o

This is me when I realize I've been on reddit for too long


Been studying for hours.. I've slacked behind a little since my collapse a few days ago. Atleast my tests are looking good. Was wrong once on the two tests Ive done so far.

I've rediscovered Reddit and its treatening to ruin my life. Its not like 9gag where you reach the posts you've already seen. Noooo on reddit there is no end! No end, I tell you!

Anyway, I have to go back to my books. They miss me.
Here is my eye, for no reason..

History Error in Films.

Just sat here, reading the news with a cup of coffee, and I stumble upon a video of a guy pointing out film mistakes.
Like, in Titanic. When Rose in the edge of the boat, working up the courage to commit suicide, Jack tells her that he went fishing in Lake Wussita as a child. Although, Lake Wissota is a reservoir and it wasn't built til 1917. The Titanic sank 1912.
And in The Untouchables, Kevin Costner and whoever raids a liqour factory in 1930. You can see the boxes with the Canadian flag and its red maple leaf painted on it, ready to be shipped. Its just that the Canadian flag didnt have the leaf on it til 1965.
And in Braveheart.. Mel Gibson runs around, portaying this 13th century warrior in a KILT! Yea, he is scotish, right?
But the kilt wasn't invented until the 16th century. And it has never been worn halfly over the shoulder like he does in the film.

Not enough sleep tonight..

Look at the face of that dog.
I tried to take a picture of him sleeping, since the ass-hat woke me up, then just fell asleep next to me.  But what the fuck is that face all about?!
Also found this picture. Im out drinking red wine from the biggest glas I've even drank from.
Anyway.. today I have to study like a motha fuckah. I've got 9 assignments that has to be done on friday. And that is only in one of the courses. -.-
I'm also reading this English classic, The Secret Graden. So far, I'm not a fan. I don't like how its written, I don't like the story itself and I hate the main character. That hatred of the character is meant by the writer to be there though. I am guessing that when she finds this Secret Garden, which could be a sexual reference but probably isn't, she is gonna magically be all nice and everyone will love her and sympathize for her.

Justifying bad choices.

Things seems to be going good today.  Feels like life is taking a pretty good turn at the moment. I've only been waiting for that for about... half my life. .
And fuck me, I deserve it. I've worked hard..
Things have been really shit for a while, but I think I am coming out of it alive.
Shit happens, things go wrong, you fall the horse. But if you are down, in the mud, crying alone and then still manage to get on with your life...
.. you deserve icecream for breakfast!
I had to write all that to justify my unhealthy, but delicious, frozen breakfast =D

Take me out!

I want a hike again. It was more of a picnic, though. With beer, double trouble.
But obviously, studies are the priority at the moment. Also have this kickass idea for a book. But I am not sure I have time for that at the moment.
Just sitting inside studying is kinda boring, thats why I take my books and get my ass out in the sun, but where is the sun today?
The main thing is that the sun is up and running on saturday. Garden bbq/pool party. Iz gonna be nice.. I can't stress it enough how much I long for that =P

And still no grades.. I really just want to get them back and feel like I've succeeded with something. Been a while since I had that feeling, unfortunately. So what if I get a C, or an E =P
Then we're suing the teacher!!

Grades please.

Going insane. I was supposed to get my tests graded today, but I didn't.
Anything less than an A, and I will sue the teacher!
I really want a good grade on this, I have been working my ass off for this. So its almost like I would feel offended if I got low grades. Like a Dumb-stamp on my forehead. =P

Oh and I saw an explosion today. They are building a bigass 25 storey building here and they KABOOMED some mountain off to fit it in. Was pretty cool, never seen that irl before.