Not enough sleep tonight..

Look at the face of that dog.
I tried to take a picture of him sleeping, since the ass-hat woke me up, then just fell asleep next to me.  But what the fuck is that face all about?!
Also found this picture. Im out drinking red wine from the biggest glas I've even drank from.
Anyway.. today I have to study like a motha fuckah. I've got 9 assignments that has to be done on friday. And that is only in one of the courses. -.-
I'm also reading this English classic, The Secret Graden. So far, I'm not a fan. I don't like how its written, I don't like the story itself and I hate the main character. That hatred of the character is meant by the writer to be there though. I am guessing that when she finds this Secret Garden, which could be a sexual reference but probably isn't, she is gonna magically be all nice and everyone will love her and sympathize for her.


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