History Error in Films.

Just sat here, reading the news with a cup of coffee, and I stumble upon a video of a guy pointing out film mistakes.
Like, in Titanic. When Rose in the edge of the boat, working up the courage to commit suicide, Jack tells her that he went fishing in Lake Wussita as a child. Although, Lake Wissota is a reservoir and it wasn't built til 1917. The Titanic sank 1912.
And in The Untouchables, Kevin Costner and whoever raids a liqour factory in 1930. You can see the boxes with the Canadian flag and its red maple leaf painted on it, ready to be shipped. Its just that the Canadian flag didnt have the leaf on it til 1965.
And in Braveheart.. Mel Gibson runs around, portaying this 13th century warrior in a KILT! Yea, he is scotish, right?
But the kilt wasn't invented until the 16th century. And it has never been worn halfly over the shoulder like he does in the film.


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