Studying alot..

I've been up studying since 7.30 and is having a little break now.
Watching 7th Heaven.. this show is unreal. Does anyone believe that some families are this nice and perfect? The absolute worst thing that ever happened is that the oldest son tried pot, once. If I was the oldest of 7 siblings, and my religious parents made me take care of them and act therapist to their every tiny little teenage issues, I wouldn't only smoke pot. I would be on all kinds of drugs I could find.

But I am guessing this is why people like this show. Its like eating comfort food when you have a shit day, or having a warm bath when you are cold. Its soothing. You get sucked into their warm, safe enviroment and sit and stare at the tv with big, wide-opened eyes like a fly on a bug zapper.
Or like Dori and Marlin on that light fish in Finding Demo..
And now I will be cleaning and then going out to the woods, to my dad, for a beer or two. It IS summer still after all.


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