Monday in Sweden

yea Im in Sweden-land again. And ehm.. Yea. It sucks. Its not home here anymore.
I am going to put some shit up on the walls here so that it feels a bit more roomy here.
Other than that I have descided that today is the day I stop smoking, stop eating crap, stop putting salt on everything and start exercising. Amen, sister.
And also, I am doing to start writing again, need to do that.
Aaaand I will be updating more, I hope. I want to but will I? HELL YEAZ!

So I came back the night to saturday, and on saturday afternoon I had a glas of wine with the mother and the stepdather on the docks, and then went to my sister for a drink and some chat. I spent the night and the day after (yesterday) we had a luxery picknick by the canal. Really cozypozy.


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