I got my celebration after all <3

Having my resting day today. Not been working out, running or anything.
Instead I have been feeling depressed because my whole family are celebrating the swedish eastern, which is nothing compared to the english one. The english one isnt really celebrated at all.
So Jane, the lovely mother of my bartender, came up to me and said:
- So, Ive heard you are a bit homesick and  you want fish, the swedish way. We're going to the store to buy some fish and wine and we are gonna watch Criminal Minds.
The sweet woman made me put on jeans and we had a nice night shopping foods and then drinking some wine infront of the tellie. She even bought the salmon we Swedes eat on eastern. Bless that woman.
After three episodes of Criminal Minds I went to the bar, had a few drink drinks with my darling friend Gabriel and Marisa gave me cheesecake. So the night turned out to be very good.
Me and Gabe a few days ago, having a drink in the sun outside of the bar.
(I look like shit on this picture, but the model Gabe looks good =P)


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