So, had my final exams yesterday. I think it went okay, but I don't really care to be honest. As long as I pass the course so I can do the next one, I am happy. And I am certain I will pass. I got good grades on every assignment and they base the final grade on the whole course, not just the final exam. 
So whatever really =P 

Anywho. I am sick, poor me.. I have to work today.  I emailed the mother of "my" kids and told her that I have the plague and is probably contagious. So it is up to her if she want this *pointing at gross, sick face* around her kids. I really don't think she does, they will get nightmares. It's so bad that I am avoiding mirrors. 
I'm also kinda doped up. Cough syrup is heavy shit. 
Oh haha. I went to my dear friend Alex last night to see Blade Runner for the first time. Such a shame that I just focused on the woman in it, since I was almost certain she was in Celebrity Rehab. And this morning I looked it up, and yes. Sean Young. She was pretty back then, now.. not so much. I'm not one to talk. She stopped being beautiful after years of drug abuse, I stop being beutiful when I have a cold =P
I'm writing so much today because I don't have school anymore, and I'm doped up. But I will stop now. Arrivederci.


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