Novel Schmovel

I finished my novel!
And I have been praised by those who've read it. It hasn't been looked over yet by my teacher, though, since I handed it in yesterday. But I think it is good.
The negative critisism I have received is that I have mixed in english grammar, but with swedish words, which leads to the sentences looking a bit fucked up. I re-read my work about 5 times and I couldn't spot this at all, but obviously I can't see it. Conclusion; I am retarded.
But other that, it's good. And if people think it's good and even want me to make a book out of it, I am happy. And I like it myself, which in the end, is all that matters. I am writing for me, and not for others. 
..but in this case, for a degree =P
We'll see.
My foot is getting better, I think. It might just be the painkillers being really efficient. My doctor said to come back in a week if the pain is persistent, and then she gave me horse tranquilizers! ..kinda. Now, how I am supposed to know if it's getting any better or if I just can't feel anything because of the strong meds she gave me?!?
She's mad, I tell ya.
Anyway, here's a new picture. 


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