A little update.

So what have I been up to...?
I've been studing, getting myself some nice grades. I've been in Belgium. That was awesome.
I did however hurt my foot pretty badly and I still now, a week later, have issues walking on it properly.
What else?
I've been hanging out with people in this lovely city alot. Pretty awesome, that. Aaaaaaaaaand OH
Yesterday I finished the assignment from hell. 
To read The Secret Garden och then write a reading log about it. In my log I was brutally honest and said that this was by far the worst piece of garbage I have ever read. I also later saw the film, which is better. Not good though, just better. But for something to be better than the book isn't very hard now is it? =P Since it is absolutely crap!
This is Bruges, or.. a small part of it obviously =P
I fell in love with that place. I've wanted to go for ages but never got around to. And I had a great guide, too. A native. Although he isn't smart enough to think of the fact that when you see a pretty church you enter it! 
So we went into some churches and he even got some fresh sightseeing aswell. And we partied like animals. The lovely people of Blankenberge included me in a beer-challenge. I didn't lose, which is all I care about. Needless to say, I didn't win either. =P
I hate it when I get back from places I've been visiting. It hits me every damn time; Sweden is cold!
And the summer is over. I start work soon and a new set of courses await. Fuuuun. -.-


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