Little update from Northern Plaguelands.

My weekend was nice, even though I've been sick still. 
I spent my friday night on skype with my geeky friends. Drinking (not me, though, meds..) lauging, gaming.. Was really nice. 
Then I spent saturday, sunday and monday at a friends house. We had a Lord of the Rings marathon, extra material included. I was properly pampered for those three days. I love it how people are all nice to you when you're ill. Anyway, had to go home at some point, so I went home yday afternoon. 

Annnnnnd I am still very sick. Fever, coughing my lungs to mush. So I went to my doctor and I got some more medication prescribed and she told me to stay still and just rest. She did say "you should be on bedrest", but come on. Noone actually means that when they say it.. So I ignored that. =P

Oh and I had a long,  very nice conversation with my swedish-teacher. She gave me a C on the whole course, which is really good. I am well happy with that.



Bought myself some being-sick-supplies. Not the healthiest food, but I can't even stand up for long enough to make anything better than this. 



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