Casual hating

Getting so annoying with people online. They suck! 
They pick on each other for everything. "Don't post things like this on Facebook, do it MY way, thank you!" as if that person owned Facebook. 

Other use hashtags for every word so people will find their nonsense easier, and then get angry that people are stalking and asking questions. 
If you don't like how others use Facebook, why not just remove them?
Myself, I like hating people. Other people being idiots and stupid is like fuel to me and I have NO doubts that people think half my crap that I post is idiotic aswell. 
Best of all is the typos. Or, typo's =P
I absolutely love it, and I have to shove my fingers in my anus not to correct them. 
That is all I have time for today, farewell.


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