Not my element.

I'm watching Swedish Hollywood Wives, a popular show in le Swede. 

I look around in my place, which isn't even mine. 
There is ..nothing.
We are two people sharing a tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiny apartment with a dog that takes tremedous amount of space even though he is tiny himself.
Yea. I gave up Stockholm to move to a small fuck-off town for some dude I decided to love and live with. I am forcing him to move to the City, and after his studies he will... he promised. My studies are on distant courses so I just need a laptop and internet and I can study from wherever I am, so I physically CAN study here. But trust me, I don't want to.

This place is so tiny I feel claustrophobic. Once you've seen one tree you've kinda seen 'em what I think when I'm out on walks..
I can't sleep here because it's too quiet and I can't stand how... non-city it is. I have to have crazy TV-shows on all night just to be able to fall asleep. My man got sick of it and put on some heavy metal instead, which is fine. He was surprised though that it was still playing when he got up in the morning. He asked me how it was replayed all night and I told him:
- When the music is done and it's all quiet again, I wake up and turn it back on.
... he thinks I'm retarded for waking up when the noise ends. 

Anyway. It's pretty... for a little while.


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