Bei in a nutshell.

It's snowing and my head hurts. Not because of the snow, of course =P
But still, very important that I tell you people that my head hurts. And that its snowing. Completely seperate subjects though. Why am I still writing about this?
I was just checking the blogs on the main site, which ones they recomend and so on. They could all basically just be the same blog. It's about beauty, health, interial design and food. It's if every teenager wants their own Cosmopolitan magazine, but online. Or view themselves as some sort of guru. Or fashion! Don't even fucking get me started on those blogs. "Outfit of the fucking day" Who gives a shit?
Well, they do quite obviously. And those girls read other blogs, that basically look just the same. You wonder, how do I know this if I dislike them this much? And here comes the answer; my parents had a dinner party once and they had invited some friends whose daughter is a fashionblogger. And they strongly disliked this selfcentered brat-behaviour of their own child. The father was actually disgusted by it. 
And those people who blog about recipes and food, what the fuck is wrong with you people?
It is the same bullshit that famous people do with cookbooks. They gather their favorite foods and put it all in a book filled with pictures of themselves, and maybe a dish somewhere in the background. "Look how amazing I am as a person, I can bake brownies with my kids."
I would love to see a blog about someone's life in complete honesty. Not the dull, perfect version people like to think is true, but the actual truth. A bit of bitterness and sarcastic comments about their stupid kids or disappointing sexlives.
Or about someone being fat NOT trying to lose weight and gain superficial support along the way. Someone who just complains about their lives, but in a funny way. Stand-up comedians make a whole career by doing that on stage, for gods sake. Imagine a blog like that!
Well I'm gonna go to bed and dream about sarcastic, mean non-existing blogs. 
G'night =D


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