Hey, once more

Yea I should probably say something here, since I see there are still a lot of people commenting. 
So, let me tell you about my day. I woke up to a very agitated dog.. So first I dreamt about slowly killing and then I remembered that I paid 15k SEK for him.. so that'd be a waste. 

Then I remembered that it is the day before christmas eve, and I have shit to do. I walked the living alarm clock, gave him a bath and food, has to smell good to Santa, ey!

Then I went to the store, because I forgot to buy xmas presents... So, got that done. 

I got home, cleaned my bathrooms, decorated the tree, made candy....
Yea, ok. Sounded more in my head, but.. apparantly, not that much done after all. Well I did study a bit too. 


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