Lost 2 kg!

So I lost 2 kg. I have been eating better and working out. 
Now, I'm not gonna go all fucking Guru on your asses. "If I can, everyone can!" or "Nothing is better then the life of health!"
I mean, come on, girls, seriously? It's HELL.
"I've been eating so much better". ... yeah, which feels like I am starving myself.
"I've been working out every day, and boy do I feel fine"... I feel good AFTER the workout, but during... I seriously see my life flashing before my eyes. 
So let's all just stop with the pretentious fucking bullshit that is going on. So you work out, and it's amazzzzing. It isn't THAT amazing ffs. If it was THAT amazing, you wouldn't have gotten FAT in the first place, you idiot.
Bei out.


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