Weekend update.

So.. what's new?
Not alot, but .. school is back on. Not that I have my books for it yet, but I've been brownnosing my teachers so I should be fine =P
My weekend was ace. Chili and I went to a friend on friday night, drank wine and just chilled. The saturday morning after we walked for hours in the sun, really pretty now with all the colors outside. We had brunch out with my lil dog and then I went home, dumped the dog and went back. 
The sunday was awesome. Went to my viking-friend's gym with him. Obviously I didn't work out, but he did. I am  worst workout company EVER. Taking pictures and smirking at everything you do is NOT peptalk. 
Then I went around the city for 3 hours by myself, stopped at a café to read my book.. just nice sunday things that you just have to be alone to do. Bought a cookbook. I keep doing that, buying them. I never cook, but buying them gives me an illusion that I might, some day.
I met up with the viking again for sushi and Alien. Never seen Alien before. 
Have you guys noticed that Bilbo is in it? He is the goddamned robot. That ruined it a tiny bit for me, but it sure as hell was a well made film. 
Oh and I am still sick, but do I even have to fucking comment on that anymore? 
I'll just type out when I am NOT sick instead.


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