So ... I have stopped sleeping. Wich lead me close to faint yesterday.
Fucking chest.. fucking brain.. fucking everything at once as usual.
Today I slept even less, think I got a solid hour or so. And I am working today.
I feel like getting a bottle of wine and down that before going to bed. Should knock me out =P
But I am not going to. I will instead leave the city for some quiet book writing time in the middle of the nowhere. If I cant borrow a laptop from some nice lady.
The sun is shining. Im reading the news.. and .. sigh.
A wolf trainer died in an animal park a few days ago. Its been on the news for 3 days. A wolf trainer.
How to train a wolf? If they were so friendly and kind, we wouldnt be fascinated by them at the zoo, would we?
Are these people SURPRISED this happens? "OH MY GOD! A lion trainer got attacked BY HIS OWN LION! =O"
Yea... its a liiiittle side effect of his profession, and I bet he knew that going in.
Now the family to the wolf trainer is suing the zoo. Come on, that IS funny. =P
I somehow doubt that she was forced to be a wolf trainer. Its n ot like you graduate college and go "well, gotta go to wolf trainer school because.. there is where the jobs are"


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