Completely forgot!

I've forgotten about this for a while =P

Well, the friday last weekend I went out, had a glas of wine during the 4 hours I was there, and about 10 pints of lemon water, so that went well.
The day after on the other hand, I had 2 glasses of wine at a restaurant opening, together with some salad. I felt fine til I woke up at 2 am and couldn't even stand up. So damn sick.
Anyway, the day after that, sunday, I felt fine again and went to a water park with my dad, his wife and a kid with special need they take care of.
And I am back to smoothies, veggie shakes, and some food every day. I don't wanna fuck up my energy I have, or the skin I got from this.

So ysterday when I went to a beer garden I had a non alcoholic one, then I bought non alcoholic wine, that tasted like ass. So I got more of those non alcoholic beers for the evening bbq. Works splendedly.


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