So I thought..

I was just out walking my dog and started thinking about money. More  like allowances.
I was thinking about how much I got and had when I was like.. 9-11 years old.
I had 150 SEK a month. That wasn’t that bad then, now.. I don’t even know what kids in that age buys these days.
I used to buy a nailpolish, some glitter that was uber popular back then, even if nobody ever used it. 
Do you remember that?
Everyone had a tiny jar of glitter in their makeup bag, but I never saw ANYONE with glitter on their face. Except for new  years eve 1999. 
I never had to buy my own cinema tickets, because mom got those from her work. So what else did I spend these 150kr/month on… Singles! One single, two songs on it for 29kr. Maybe a little more if it was  a Spice Girls single or a Backstreet Boys one. But then, candy and shit like that, I never bought. I never liked it.  Never as a kid did I choose candy over fruit. I once got two easter eggs, one filled with dried mushrooms and one filled with candy. I was 7 year old and I chose mushrooms, the nonsmoking kind. And what else.. I don’t remember. I once saved up so I had 1000kr. I felt like Donald Trump!  I had NO idea what to do with this huge pile of cash!

Now its 2012.
If a 10 year old has 1000kr it doesn’t even cover a third of the price of what they want to buy.
Smartphones, iPads, laptops, games,digital cameras… the list is long.  And then I thought, “why didn’t I want all those things when I was a kid?”
The sad truth is that none of this shit existed when I was a kid! And kids today cant live without it. 
Give them a Barbie and they will go “Where do I turn it on?”
Give them a Nintendo 8byte and they will probably try to toast bread in it.

Imagine how our hands will look like in 10 years. Our thumbs will probably look like the Hulk. No other species have ever used their thumbs as much as humans do at this day of age.  Think about that the next time to play a game on your pgone.


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