Just a little update

Soooo what do we do when its raining, you feel like ass and you have been ill for ages, you SPEND MONEY!
I bought some crap yday on sale, and went back today with more money. I bought a shirt that said it was size 34. But.. I dont really see that..
But anyway, bought an aroma lamp/light, whatever they are called. Placed it on my new shelf. Looks kinda nice now. The elephant is from Thailand, the wooden statue is from Africa and the small candle things are from Japan and... Im guessing the lamp is made in China, budum-tish. Jokes aside. Its pretty.

And.. besides that.. I'm trying to cope with some shit/feelings with music, and just writing. Its loss, panic, anxiety, and all other shit feelings involved with a shit life. =)
And I don't just mean my life, your life is probably pretty shit too.

~ Arrivederci ~


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