Writing in progress

What have I been up to?
Hanging out with friends, studying and.. thats about it. Finally going away on friday.
I've been writing this novel alot, too. I'm actually getting back to writing, which I should. The novel is turning out pretty good and I enjoy writing it. Laughing at my own jokes. Pathetic. But if I don't write for me then whats the point? There is none.
I'm also so fucking sick of false and retarded people. Trying to be nice never fucking works in this world, so I'm just gonna stop and focus on myself again. I know who are my real friends and they love me for the person I am. I'm always trying to please everyone else. Oh you need someone like this, let me be that person for you. Oh you need this or that, fine sure. Im your guy. Not really. I am who I am and if that ain't good enough, jog on.
Amen to that, sister.


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