Star Wars and Sexism.

I've been hooked on the Star Wars game. Two days ago I sat up with a friend on Skype for 17 hours playing it. The day after - 10 hours. It is absolutely fucking hilarious. So much sarcasm and bitchyness in this game. I love it.
I have to add that I would never play for this long if it wasn't for my TOR partner in crime =P
I'm not that big of a loser. Or maybe I am, but atleast Im not a loser alone then, which makes it soooo much better =P

.. and when I don't play that I try to study. Right now the whole chapter in my swedish course is about sexism. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWN. It such a used up topic.
Women get paid less, women aren't respected in society the same way men are blablabla.. snore. It's true. But then we have the fact that women still expect men to open doors for them, pay for dinner, spoon them at night, drive, fix absolutely everything in the house when it breaks.. but then women are supposed to take care of kids, clean, cook, work and look like a supermodel at the same time.
There is no real win-win in this I think, nor a solution... so lets just have a beer and get on with out lives.. shall we?
Well you can, I have to write this bullshit paper about it..

Can't wait til le weekend. Batman, beer and rock'n Röll!


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