Breakfast in bed with hamster urine.

Breakfast in bed have been looking better.  Dry Kelloggs Bran Flakes from the box.. yum.

My head hurts, lack of sleep. The damn weather kept me up all night. Thank you english storm. 

I need to clean out Wallowizzard and Derp's cage today, they fucking stink.. I don't even know why I have these creatures here, beside my bed. They are cute and all, but sort of useless. 
I told Pete to return them to the store, since he won't take care of them, and I didn't even buy them. 
Also, with me moving, I won't be able to take care of them.. But then I thought.. They belong together, our little fag-hamsters. And if we give them back to the store, they would probably not be sold together the next time. Can't do that to them, that would be heartbreaking.
So, stinking hamsters it is. Maybe I can take them to Stockholm? I have never heard of a hamster passport if I am honest.

Postat av: Alt

they are next to your bed because i didnt want em next to mine :P

The solution would be to put em downstairs in the living room, problem solved

2011-09-06 @ 16:17:26

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