In the tv show Sex and the City, the character Carrie Bradshaw write about disasters. Going to a fancy bar in NYC and the date didn't show up. Disaster.
They guy you started liking happened to have a small penis. Disaster.
I disagree.

At 1 am this morning, when we were all sound asleep, a ferry in Zanzibar sank, and took hundreds of people with it.
There were over 500 people on board and 260 are missing, 60 of those are children. 100 people have been recued so far, and the rest have been found dead. The strong ocean winds made it so difficult to recover bodies, so that they have been washed up on scores around the island.
Thousands of relatives are now waiting for news about their loved ones.

That's a disaster.

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Fasen vad bra serie!!

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