Actually.. its 11/9, but since the americans are a bit backwards, they put it the wrong way.
Like on their ID cards, it would 12-02-1989 for my birthday, which in any other country would indicate that I am born on the 12th of february, which I am not =P
Anyway, terror terror. Everyone seems to think that something terrible will happen today, 10 years after the big attack in NYC. And why wouldn't it? Terrible things happen everyday. People kill each other all the time. People even kill themselves. In my opinion, the thing that made is such an historical attack was because the two magnicifent buildings went down. Of course, I am not saying that I don't think that the whole thing was extremely tragic. I do. But I don't think that it's more tragic than what happens in Africa right now, or what happens everyday in other countries. The widows and children don't mourn their dads more just because they are american.

It's like that missing girl, Madeleine McCann. That must be the most known case of kidnaping. And, poor her, if she is still alive. 
People put candles in their windows, sign lists online to show "support". There were TVshows about her, radio, in every magazine and newspaper. On every airport, there are picture of her. Every facebook status changed into something to with her. That is because she is a white, american girl. And we could all see a happy, smiling cute girl on pictures. It's good that people become concerned, and that they show humanity and support. That is one girl. One foundation. 
Go to Thailand. Go to Cambodia. Children from the age of 4 to 14 are being kidnapped every single day there, and sold to precious, white american and european men. Not one word is ever mentioned about those children. Is it too much to take in for the normal person? Do we look away from the things that are too horrible for us?
One missing american girl might be all we can actually comprehend.

It's not a bad PR trick though. Hysterical tabloids.  "Awaiting anniveristy attacks!"
Who wouldn't be worried? Ten years after World Trade Center, who wouldn't buy those newspapers?


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