Sick friday

Sick.. feverish and just not happy. It's friday and a lovely day.
I have missed being alone. I have missed being just me, Chili and our little conversations. Yea, I know, Im nuts.
I have missed playing the piano and I have missed singing, reading my weird books, watching the water change from my room. Soppy over.

I found a documentary about people who think they are animals. They themselves Furies.
Its kinda amusing, especially one girl who seems a bit.. crazy. I'd share it here, but its in Swedish.
Even if I can't really relate or understand them, it is kinda nice to see that people don't hide who they are, but express that. It is nice to see.

Anyway, I am all ill and pathetic, and I took a picture of myself to show, but then I found this awesome photo fixer thing and made this!


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