New week!

New week, new life.
It's time to get back to business, get back in shape, and all that nonsense =P
I'm still frikkin sick though, so I might not start exercising just yet. But foodwise, I shall be healthy as a horse now.

My head is exploding, feels like my eyes are about to pop out. I'm gonna go and make myself some strong coffee, apply for jobs for an hour or so and then see how I feel. I should really start writing if I ever want that to happen.
Which I do. I just need motivation.
Also, I think I would write better if I wasnt at home. Like if I went to some caffee or something.. But then  you need to buy a coffee or tea and in this city that never costs under £3. So in the long run, that would be expensive.
Mc Donlands have coffe though for like one pound. But.. not the nices enviroment to be sat in.

Anyway. Im off to start my day.


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