Wong Kee in my heart!

When my mother came home today, over worked as fuck, I descided that we would go out to eat.
And since we live as awesome as we do we dont have to go far. But we descided to have a walk to get to some awesome japanese 10 min walk from here. But when we were out of the door we got lazy and settled for the chinese 50m from our apartment. It looked kind of closed before and because of that we havent been there yet, til tonight. And I swear to the gods, it was the best chinese I've ever had. My mother and her husband thought so aswell, and its not even expensive. The prizes wont go over 170 SEK, and you get a lot of food. 

I had scampi with mixed vegs, ate it all which was a fail, since I am trying to be all slim. But, wtf, scampi and vegs, how much can it really be. I wouldnt have cared tonight if it was a thousand calories, it was amazing.
I have a feeling that a lot of my money will be spent here..


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