Food and anger

Ate all day, basically. But its saturday, let me be =P Also I didnt have anything unhealthy. Actually, I rarely eat something really unhealthy..
Tomorrow its icecream sunday and I allow myself that. I might try to be back on diet tomorrow, but I would allow myself to just eat all day =P
I hate my neighbours. I fucking hate them. They are hammering in the middle of the night, and early as fuck in the morning. Even now, on weekends. Dumb cows. I wanna start making one hell of a noice tomorrow morning at like 5am to piss them off. BUT, the grown up thing would be to put up a friendly note in the elevator.
"Dear neighbours (assholes). Please repsect that some people likes to sleep in the mornings and enjoy to kick back in the couch with a film, without hearing the noice from your overactive stupid hammering. Find the time to do it in the day, or learn to live with white walls. Love, Santa"


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