Right. time to start updating again.
Apparantly I am going to Cyprus in a month, and I have to look amazing.
So, back on diet and.. I would be out jogging if I could. But since I had a night in terror the other night, I will chill a bit.

I woke up about 15 times in panic, my chestpains had gone really bad and I had a really hard time breathing.
I resisted the urge to call an ambulance since I though it would be better in the morning if I just got some sleep.
I didnt sleep much and when I finally gave in, the pain was still horrible. My boyfriend called a hospital and I got the advice to move around. Yea, she thought I had trapped wind, aka, gas. That was the highlight of my day.
I went for a walk, but that only made it worse. So I was in bed pretty much all day. 
Im better today, but sleeping is still difficult
. So.. no exercising for moi.
So, gonna try to get my body in shape. I was on such a great path and then... I moved =P
And I got lazy. Also, here, nobody is out running. So I kinda feel a bit strange going out for a jog when nobody around me jogs! Here, if you wanna get slim, go to a gym. If you cant afford that, stay fat.
Thats also a great excuse if you dont want to exercise. "I cant be slim cause.. I cant afford the gym" =P
Well, we'll see. Thats all for me, adios.


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