Here we are again, in this sick and twisted word, trying not to mess it up even more.
Thinking back and what and who you are, realising mistakes that you no longer can fix. People you took for granted that will never come back into your life.
No matter how much you care and how sorry you are.. it wont make a differense for anyone but yourself. Throw money at people and feel better about yourself. Look at pictures of old friends and imagine them seeing you miss them.
Go through life with the thought of being more happy, when all you do is trying to be less unhappy.
If time travelling existed, we would all go back and do things differently. But all we have is now, and tomorrow, yet nobody lives like that.
You won't know what you have until you lose it. And when you lose it, you get new things and keep looking back, and the circle is closed. People who lived their life til the end look back and remember happier times, only to realise that they never realised how great times have been.
I wish I had it all figured out. I wish I was smarter.


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