Morning earthlings, where have thy been?!

I've been celebrating christmas and other shit.. And been sick most of the time. Not been able to walk, talk or breathe properly.. Life kinda sucks at times, right.. Feels at times like all you really do is trying to look busy while waiting for death! But we're not.. Im not. I have promised myself to be uber healthy and energetic in 2012.
If my body allows it not.. who cares =P

Anyway, NYE soon. Will be well spent with some wine, films and Gabs. Will be ace.
So thats the update about me.. since you are all DIEING to hear about it =P

What I really wanted to whine about is sleep, and my lack of it. 
First of all, I wake up because I am in a bit of pain most nights.

But that I have sort of learned to handle. What really pisses me off is the FUCKING neighbours who soon will have hatemails with small bombs attached to them through their door. How can you use a drill in the walls every god damn fucking night for months? What does that wall look like right now?

And how can you possibly be making all that noise in the middle of the night like they do? It sounds a bit like they are bowling in their livingroom. With demolition balls.

And today it didn't help that my dog woke me up several times because he was sick, and I couldn't fall back asleep because I am getting a cold.. But DAMN THY NEIGHBOUR!


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