strongbow, anyone?

So.. long night of wowing.. long time since I did that. 
Kinda nice thought, to sit back with some strongbows and just chillax.
Chat to complete strangers and farm for gold. =P

Also, the hatch in Sholazar doesnt match the one in Lost, even though its made from it..

I have.. a lot to think about.. And I'm going to and come up with answers for everything, but it might take some time. Its not like stuff you can change in a second, is it. Im gonna be a better person! Or a better Bei =P
I wanna move, or do I? Southport ftw? Manchester? Stockholm? Bangladesh?
... Fiji?

Postat av: Västerbottenpaj

Why do you type in English? I didn't know World of Warcraft created a content based on Lost. That is cool if that is true, which I highly doubt it is.

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