Västerbottenpaj, I type in english because 
1. I live in England =P
2. most of my friends are english
3. My swedish friends and family (if they even read) understands it aswell =)

Feeling really sick today. No idea why, feels like Im about to hurl.
So, Im gonna watch an episode of True Blood, go for a powerwalk and then clean the entire house. 
Sounds like a plan! Then, try to beat my friend Rob at farming gold in WoW, which is close to impossible.

I need to buy a coat. I went for a walk yesterday on the sea front, and I swear to God, my nipples could have cut through bricks! My lips were blue and I was shaking when I got back home. 
Anyway, gonna get on with my day now.

Smell ya later!

(this is like me, England's Glory - Made in Sweden. QUALITY! =P)


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